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Breastfeeding Support


Research shows that breast milk is an important consideration for a baby’s health. Although many mothers prefer to breastfeed their baby, nursing can sometimes be more trying than expected.

This is why the Family Birthing Center, at McKee Medical Center, provides breastfeeding information and support.

Our Prenatal Breastfeeding Class is taught by board-certified lactation consultants who provide basic breastfeeding instruction, including:

  • proper latch-on techniques to prevent soreness
  • how to avoid common problems
  • advice on returning to work
  • how to use breast pumps.

We also offer a Breastfeeding Education and Support Clinic that can answer parents’ questions and ease concerns about breastfeeding during the first few days after bringing baby home and offer breastfeeding education.

The McKee Breastfeeding Boutique provides hospital grade retail products such as breastpumps, breastfeeding supplies and nursing bras to new moms. Medela® breastpumps are available for purchase or rental.

For more information about McKee Medical Center’s breastfeeding services, please call (970) 820-2324.

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