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McKee's volunteeers raise about $120,000 annually through the McKee Gift Shop, the McKee Thrift Avenue store and the annual holiday craft fair.

McKee Volunteers fund Meti Man patient simulator
Meti Man is a human patient simulator, purchased for McKee by the hospital's volunteers through their fund raisers.  Meti Man talks and breathes. He (or it can be a she, depending on which parts and voice you have installed and programmed) shows heart and bowel sounds. If you ask a question such as "How are you feeling?" Meti Man responds.  Meti Man perks up with the right care. Or, he can die. 

The life-like scenarios that play out with Meti Man provide valuable training for staff. 

McKee volunteers chose to fund Meti Man, at a cost of $50,000, because of the impact it would have on the hospital. 

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