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Do you qualify to donate blood?

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Do You Qualify?
When you arrive at the North Colorado Medical Center Blood Donor Center, you will be asked a series of questions designed to make as sure as possible that you won't be harmed by giving blood and that our patients won't be harmed by receiving your blood. If you like, you can read through some of the questions that you will be asked when you arrive. Please don't hesitate to call us at (970) 810-6100 for any questions.

The following is an excerpt of some of the questions from the blood donor questionnaire:

1. Are you feeling well and healthy today?
Donors must be in general good health at the time of donation, and symptom-free of cold and flu symptoms for at least three days. Mild allergy symptoms at time of donations are acceptable. Asthma under control is acceptable. Unexplained diarrhea is a 14-day deferral.

2. Have you taken any medications or pills in the past four weeks?
Deferral for most drugs is based on the nature of the disease process, not the drug itself. Aspirin is not cause for deferral, unless the donation is platelets. Most blood pressure medications and oral hypoglycemics are NOT cause for deferral as long as the condition is stable and the donor is without other medical problems. Asthma medication is acceptable if the disease is under control. If antibiotics are being taken for a current infection, the donor is deferred until three days after they finish their course of therapy. Antibiotics for acne are acceptable. Certain medications such as Soriatane, Accutane, Proscar, and Propecia could be harmful to a fetus of a pregnant recipient of that blood or component.

3. Have you received any of the following in the last 12 months: Ear or skin piercing, tattoo, acupuncture, accidental needle stick, or come in contact with someone else's blood?

  • Piercings-- Ear piercing by a doctor or established facility with a single-use needle or gun is acceptable if the piercing site is free of infection. Piercing of the tongue, belly-button or anything else besides ear, is a one-year deferral.
  • Tattoos-- Deferral for a tattoo is one year.
  • Acupuncture-- Donor seeing an approved acupuncturist is acceptable.
  • Blood Exposure-- Donors who have had any exposure to blood or contact with blood or body fluids through inoculation such as a needle stick are deferred for one year.

4. Have you been under a doctor's care, or had a major illness or surgery?
If you are under a doctor's care for a condition that may result in surgery, you should not donate until the condition is resolved. Other illnesses are evaluated by the Donor Center Medical Director to determine your eligibility.

5. In the past three years, have you been outside of the United States or Canada?
This question is asked primarily to see if you have been in an area where malaria is common (a so-called "endemic" area). If you visit an endemic area, you will not be allowed to donate for one year, even if you were only there for a few hours. If you are unsure if you were in an endemic area, you can call us and ask. Endemic areas are defined by the Centers for Disease Control.

6. Since 1980 have you ever lived in, or traveled to Europe?
If the answer to this question is "NO", you can skip the rest of the questions on this page. If "YES", proceed to next question.

7. From 1980 through 1996 did you spend time that adds up to three months or more in the United Kingdom (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, the Isle of Man, the Channel Islands, Gibraltar, or the Falkland Islands)? 

8. Since 1980 have you received a transfusion of blood, platelets, plasma, cryoprecipitate, or granulocytes in the United Kingdom (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, the Isle of Man, the Channel Islands, Gibraltar, or the Falkland Islands)?

9. Since 1980 have you spent time that adds up to five years or more in France or any other European country?  

10. From 1980 through 1996, were you a member of the US military, a civilian military employee, or a dependent of a member of the US military?
If the answer to this question is "NO", you can skip the rest of the questions on this page. If "YES", proceed to the next question.

11. Did you spend a total time of six months or more associated with a military base in any of the following countries?

  • From 1980 through 1990 in Belgium, the Netherlands, or Germany.
  • From 1980 through 1996 in Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Italy, or Greece?

A "YES" answer to any of questions 7 through 9 or question 11 will mean that you are not eligible to donate. Please call us for questions at (970) 810-6100.

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