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baby feetRead about how the North Colorado Medical Center Blood Donor Center has made a difference in people's lives.

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Suzi's story:

"I was the recipient of a blood transfusion two years ago.  Our baby girl was delivered two months early by paramedics in the back of an ambulance as we were on our way to the hospital.  Once we got to the hospital, I had some complications and was taken into surgery the next day.  Before my surgery I was given a blood transfusion.  I was released from the hospital two days later and our daughter Lainey, was released 22 days later.  We were very thankful for everything and everyone involved in our care." 

Gwen's Story:

"My Grandfather, Melvin, has had to this date 48 separate blood transfusions at North Colorado Medical Center.  He has become a familiar face with the blood transfusion staff.    I wanted to share this as we have always received wonderful care.   We joke all the time about him probably having the record at NCMC for the most blood transfusions given to one person. He has had so many transfusions that we now refer to the need for a transfusion as a fill up of his tank.  We can always tell when he is getting low on blood and we will tell him it is time for him to get a fill up."  

I had the privilege of talking with Mrs. Stone, to learn more about their amazing story.  Mr. & Mrs. Stone are long-time Colorado residents who greatly enjoy spending time with their children and grandchildren.  In 1995, Melvin had heart surgery and later received his first blood transfusion.  Numerous tests were done and Melvin was found to have weak vessels in his digestive system.  At times, the bleeding was so profuse he required blood transfusions every week. Melvin now goes anywhere from one month to six months between transfusions, and knows it's time to come back in when he feels weak and pale.  His wife Helen states, "He absolutely wouldn't be here without the blood transfusions.  We are really thankful!"

Stephanie's story:

"Last November I came to NCMC to be induced into labor. To make a long story short, I underwent an emergency c-section, and then proceeded to go into DIC. I needed 14 units of blood, and fresh frozen plasma. Without the kind hearted people of the Greeley area that take the time to donate, I wouldn't be alive today. Thanks for everything that you do!" 

Debbie 's story:

"My husband Lonnie is a regular blood donor at NCMC and because he knows the importance of life giving blood our son Casey has started to give also.  Casey used to come with his dad to give blood and the techs would give him juice and cookies and told him someday he would have to give back to the cause.  In 2000 our great niece was born here at NCMC with a neuroblastoma cancer tumor.  She was transferred to Children's Hospital in Denver to begin treatment at three days old.  Her first round of chemo dropped her count to a dangerous level and she needed blood and packed cells badly. My husband, son and a few other family members decided to donate to JayLynne.  After the blood transfusion Jaylynne did seven chemotherapy treatments and surgery. She is a happy four and a half year old beautiful little girl.  Blood is truly the gift of life."  

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