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Our team at Western States Burn Center at North Colorado Medical Center, consists of the following multidisciplinary burn specialists:

Burn Surgeons: Edwind Garcia, MD, and Lindsay Deeter, MD, are joined by other general surgeons who treat burn related injuries. Depending on the specific circumstances of a patient's injury, other surgical and medical consultants may be called upon during the patient's stay in the burn unit. Intensivists (critical care doctors) also work with Drs. Garcia and Deeter on the management of the burn patient.

Physiatrist: Physiatrists are physicians that assist with issues related to rehabilitation. This includes exercises for arms and legs, walking and activities of daily living.

Registered Nurses: Nursing staff provides continuous
24-hour care and monitoring of patients. Nurses are a great resource for families and can answer many questions. They will also help families learn proper burn care in preparation for discharge from the hospital.

Psychologists and Psychiatrists: These physicians are available as needed to assist patients and families with issues that may arise after burn trauma.

Physical Therapists: The therapists are involved with patients from the time of admission through the rehabilitative process. They develop and implement an exercise program that evolves as the patient's condition changes. In this way, they develop a plan that will help restore function to the burned limbs and joints.

Occupational Therapists: These therapists are involved in making and adjusting the splints used to assist in restoring position and function of limbs. They utilize pressure garments to lessen scarring, and they work with patients to help them regain skills for daily living.

Respiratory Therapists: When patients have breathing difficulties requiring ventilator support or breathing treatments, respiratory therapists assist with these needs. For example, patients that have sustained a smoke inhalation injury may require many hours of care by this specialized team.

Dietitians: Burn patients can, in many circumstances, require more nutrition than they get by eating on their own. Some patients are on a ventilator and are unable to eat. Dietitians assess each patient to make sure they are receiving the appropriate amount of calories for their size burn. This is extremely important in helping heal the burn. The dietitian can make suggestions on supplements to meals and develop a regimen specific to each patient's needs. This regimen includes avoiding water and soft drinks that have no caloric or protein benefit and can, in fact, be detrimental in the early stages of the burn process.

Social Workers: Social workers are available to talk with family members regarding any issues related to the burn patient. These issues may include housing, applying for benefits, and other community resources. Social workers can also help answer questions regarding workers' compensation, insurance and medical assistance.

Chaplains: Chaplains are available upon request for family and patient counseling.

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