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Burn Center Guest Information


The following is provided to make your experience at Western States Burn Center at North Colorado Medical Center easier. If you have any questions please call (970) 810-6099.

Waiting Areas and Guest Services

A waiting area is available for family and friends of the burn patient, located next to the elevators on the third floor.

  • Restrooms are located near the waiting room.
  • The cafeteira is locatedon the ground level and a coffee shop with snacks and grab-and-go items is on the main level near the main entrance.
  • Valet parking is available at the main entrance at no charge.

Visiting Information

The family is a very important part of the multi-disciplinary team. They contribute to the patient's morale and give the team insight into how to better assist the patient. Sometimes they are the voice of the patient if he/she is on a ventilator or otherwise unable to make important decisions on his/her own.

Patient Care

It is important that one person be assigned as the family spokesperson. The physician will discuss all the issues with this person, and he/she will then relay that information to the rest of the family. To enable the spokesperson to get patient information over the phone, he/she will give the nurses a password. This helps protect patient confidentiality so non-family members cannot call and obtain personal information about your family. We ask that only one person call the nurses about the patient's progress as this takes valuable time away from the patient's care. That person can then relay the information to other family members.

The burn unit is an isolation unit. Burn patients have lost the first barrier against infection, the skin. One of the first things a visitor will notice is that the temperature of the patient's room is warmer than any other area in the hospital. This is because burn patients often lose the ability to regulate and retain their own body heat. While this may seem unduly hot for the visitor it must be kept in mind that without the additional heat, burn patients may become hypothermic (development of a low body temperature) and develop complications.

Occasionally, due to hospital-wide bed shortages, the burn center may, as a courtesy, care for non-burned patients. Due to the danger of infection and/or complications to our burned patients, we must follow the same guidelines for our non-burned patients as we do for our burned patients. We apologize, but we cannot lower the heat or change visitation times for non-burned patients who are being cared for in the burn center.

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