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Patient Navigator guides patients through cancer experience


Patient with Patient navigator

North Colorado Medical Center offers help through its Patient Navigator Program.  A diagnosis of cancer can be a tremendous blow to the patient and their family.  Often times, patients feel overwhelmed and lost trying to find information and resources. 

The Patient Navigator is responsible for connecting cancer patients to resources and information related to their cancer diagnosis, treatment and follow up.  The Patient Navigator supports the patient by helping to translate complex information for patients and to navigate patients through an equally complicated health care delivery system.  She also connects them to cancer program staff to support their physical, emotional, spiritual, educational and financial needs.

The Patient Navigator serves as a consistent case manager throughout the continuum of care and works closely with newly diagnosed cancer patients to help determine their needs, then works with the multidisciplinary team to collaboratively help design their plan of care with desired outcomes.   In addition, the Patient Navigator extends services to help the family learn care-giving skills and patient self-care skills. 

The Patient Navigator is available throughout patients' cancer journeys.  For more information, call Sue at (970) 810-4327.

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