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Cardiac Alert Program at the CardioVascular Institute of North Colorado

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The CardioVascular Institute of North Colorado works with area emergency services providers to offer a Cardiac Alert or STEMI service that allows patients experiencing a heart attack to get the quality care they need in the shortest time possible.

Paramedics use 12-lead ECG equipment to assess patient conditions in the field. This enables the paramedics and hospital team to decide whether cardiac catheterization will benefit the patient.

From the ambulance, paramedics and hospital emergency services staff can implement a “Cardiac Alert” to notify cardiologists, cardiac cath lab staff members to be ready to treat the patient. Upon arrival at the Emergency department, the patient can be moved directly to the cardiac catheterization unit.

Patients who are treated quickly by a catheterization procedure tend to have:

  • fewer complications
  • less heart damage
  • are less likely to suffer a related stroke
    The American College of Cardiology has set a standard of 90 minutes from the time heart attack patients walk into an emergency room to the time their arteries are opened as the standard of care.

For more information, contact the CardioVascular Institute of North Colorado at (970) 810-6162 or (877) 455-5888. 

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