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Cardiac Rehabilitation at the CardioVascular Institute of North Colorado


Cardiac Rehab

For more information on the cardiac rehabilitation program and cardiovascular classes, please call (970) 350-6204.

We can provide a medically supervised plan to help people with heart conditions improve their diet, exercise regime and stress levels.

Certified by the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation, our team tailors exercise and diet programs to meet each patient’s needs. Cardiac rehabilitation consists of three phases:

Inpatient Program - Phase I
For surgical patients, cardiac rehabilitation may begin in the hospital with low level, progressive physical activity. The patient and their family will learn about heart disease and how to manage the patient’s care following discharge.
Cardiac Rehab (Outpatient) -
Phase II
The outpatient program provides self-monitoring skills and tools for a healthy lifestyle. The patient follows monitored exercise sessions three times a week. Patients and their families receive education on diet, exercise and stress management.

Adult Fitness (Maintenance) – Phase III
In the maintenance phase, patients have the  opportunity to build upon the progress in Phases I and II. This program also can be beneficial for people at risk of developing heart disease who have not yet required surgical intervention. It includes supervised exercise and ongoing support to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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