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Lorraine's Story:
Medical Advancements Here at Home


Lorriane's story a patient at North Colorado Medical Center

Lorraine had such searing pain in her left arm that she thought she was having a heart attack. Instead, she had two collapsed discuses in her back that were hitting a nerve in between them.

She went through a revolutionary new surgery at North Colorado Medical Center and had a full and completely pain-free recovery. The surgery replaced those discuses with stainless-steel forms. The technique eliminates the need for fusing vertebrae and allows patients to maintain full mobility in their necks.

Before her back pain, Lorraine had survived breast cancer because she underwent newer forms of treatment. “Basically my recovery (from breast cancer) was because a lot of women went before me and said yes to something experimental.’’

Lorraine decided it was time for her to do something groundbreaking and has never regretted the decision to go with the new spinal surgery technique.  After she woke up from her surgery, she was pain free, a miracle considering how much agony she had been in for eight days straight, she said.

Lorraine has returned to her busy life of selling real estate and helping lead the Morgan Humane Society. She and her husband also love to hike and camp and Lorraine has easily gotten back onto the trail. “That would have been a really bad thing if I had been in pain all the time.’’

Lorraine: I am living proof.


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