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NCMC Volunteer Comfort Shawl Program


ShawlsThe word blessing is described as “To confer prosperity or happiness upon, to protect, preserve and endow favor.”
Here at North Colorado Medical Center  both volunteers and staff participate in a wonderful program. The NCMC Volunteer Comfort Shawl Program, which is designed to bring comfort to our patients during difficult times.

This volunteer funded project began early this year in June of 2005. The goal of this program is to provide physical and emotional comfort and care to our patients and their families as they currently face a health or an emotionally challenged period in their life.

Those volunteers who are making these gifts bestow blessings of good health and peace to those who will be receiving them and an average shawl takes over twenty five hours or more to make, depending on the skill level of the volunteer. After the shawl is completed it is washed and dried and delivered to the Volunteer Office.

Before each comfort item is given out it is has a note card tied with ribbon telling the shawl recipient of the best wishes and blessings bestowed on the wearer.

A small angel pin is placed in the corner of the shawl item symbolizing the volunteer angel who sends their blessings and best wishes.

According to Marjorie, NCMC staff member and Comfort Shawl Volunteer , “Each time I give a patient a shawl, I read aloud the message on it, which often brings tears of gratitude to the patient and family's eyes.  It is truly a privilege to be part of this volunteer program.  I am working on knitting my second shawl, and find a lot of peace within myself when I am knitting, and thinking about the person who will be given the shawl.  It is also a wonderful feeling to be able to bring comfort and peace when I give a shawl to a patient.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the volunteers who knit and crochet the shawls which bring such comfort to our patients.  I am proud to work in a facility that goes the extra mile in this way.  I hope we can open up the opportunity for other employees to be part of this program, soon.” 

If you know of a patient or family that would benefit from receiving a shawl contact the Volunteer Office Monday to Friday  8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at (970) 810-6609.

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