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Cancer Diagnosis


Cancer treatment begins with a clear diagnosis and one of the most important tools is quality diagnostic imaging. Ogallala Community Hospital's Radiology department offers diagnostic procedures that can help detect cancer.

  • Ogallala's imaging department offers full-field digital mammography. It offers enhanced image clarity, reduced radiation exposure and the ability to see the image within seconds. Our experienced, certified technologists work to ensure a comfortable experience. Radiologists review and forward the results of each mammogram within 24 hours whenever possible to reduce patient anxiety. To schedule a screening mammogram, call Central Scheduling at (308) 284-4011.
  • Ultrasound technology uses a hand-held probe to visualize organs or supporting structures. Rather than x-rays, this noninvasive procedure uses sound waves to generate electronic images. It is often used to detect the presence of tumors.

Ogallala Community Hospital offers the following diagnostic procedures via mobile services available weekly. View mobile services weekly schedule.

  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
    MRI uses a magnetic field and radio waves to generate cross-section images of internal tissues. It is often used to help physicians assess if a tumor exists and, if so its size and shape. The MRI is also used to help determine how cancer has responded to treatment.
  • Nuclear Medicine
    Nuclear medicine scans use a small amount of radioactive material and a special camera to identify medical problems, often at an earlier stage than other tests.

Ogallala staff will provide specific instruction at the time of scheduling and direction and assistance during the tests. Imaging results are then interpreted and sent to your physician who will discuss the findings with you.

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