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Echo program Cindy Hall-Wood, Cardiac Sonographer/Cardiovascular Technologist, with Vivid™ E9 echocardiogram system.  

Banner Churchill Community Hospital utilizes General Electric Vivid™ E9 echocardiogram system.

The equipment has many advantages:

  • provides clearer 4D (four-dimensional) images, even for hard-to-detect health conditions 
  • echocardiograms can be done at the patient bedside, eliminating the need for patients to skip meals or medications for an echocardiogram.
  • provides test results to physicians in less than 24 hours

The patient is connected to the Vivid™ E9 by three electrodes placed on the chest, and images are produced using ultrasound. The test typically takes 45 minutes to an hour to complete.

The device can capture cross-sectional images of the heart as it beats, including chambers, valves and major blood vessels that exit from the heart’s left and right ventricles.

Test results can immediately be available to the cardiologist for interpretation.  After the cardiologist’s report is completed, the device can print and fax results to the physician who originally ordered the echocardiogram. The time from test to report is 24 hours or less.

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