Patients & Visitors at Platte County Memorial Hospital  

Platte County Memorial Hospital Visitor Information

Front of hospital including entrance  

From Interstate 25/Hwy 85:
Take exit 78. At top of exit, turn east onto Cole Street. This will take you to 16th Street. Turn left on 16th Street, then turn right on Johnson. Platte County Memorial Hospital is on the corner of Johnston & 14th street.

From downtown:
Drive south on 9th Street to South Street. Turn west (right) on South Street to 14th Street. Turn south (left) on 14th Street. We are on the corner of 14th & Johnston.

You will find patient parking on 14th Street.

Smoke-free Policy
Platte County is a smoke-free facility. Patients and visitors are prohibited from smoking on the facility campus. Read about Banner Health being tobacco free,

Organ and Tissue Donation
Becoming a donor is a personal decision. It is important for you to discuss this with your family, friends and physician while you're still in good health. 

According to the Uniform Anatomical Gift Act, anyone who is 18 or older and of sound mind, may become a donor when he/she dies. (Minors may become donors with parent's or guardian's consent.)

If you decide to become a donor, tell your family, physician and health care provider.  For more information contact: The Living Bank at 1-800-528-2971.

Out-of-Town Patients and Visitors
Our administrative assistant is the contact person for out-of-town patients with families. She can be reached at (307) 322-3636.  She can also provide lodging arrangement and Information on Platte County.

Patients can have mail delivered to:

(Patient's Name)
Platte County Memorial Hospital
201 14th St.
Wheatland, WY 82201

Our volunteers will see that they receive it.

Hospital Charges
Patients are charged for rooms, medications, lab work, X-rays, surgery, therapy and supplies which will be billed by the hospital. Physicians, surgeons and private nurses will bill you separately. If you have medical insurance coverage you should have provided the Patient Account Representative with the name of the insurance company, policy number, policy holder's name and group number. For more assistance, call the switchboard at ext. "0" and you will be directed to the appropriate Patient Representative.

Personal Bracelet
A bracelet is given to you upon admission. It lists your name, your doctor's name and your medial record number. The bracelet permits our staff to accurately identify you for the proper medical treatments, medications or laboratory test. Please wear it at all times. If it comes off, ask your nurse for a new one.

You may bring glasses, dentures or hearing aids with you. When not in use, please place these items in protective containers in the drawer of your bedside table. You are responsible for the security of valuables. For your peace of mind, arrange with family or friends to return articles of value in excess of $10 (cash, jewelry, etc.) to your home. It this is not possible, small items can be secured in the hospital safe. The hospital cannot be responsible for valuables kept in your room.

Home Comfort
You may bring items essential to your comfort, such as a robe, slippers and toiletries. You may bring you own sleepwear or use the gowns or pajamas provided by the hospital. Toilet articles can be supplied upon request at an additional charge.

If your doctor instructs you to bring prescriptions with you, make sure that each bottle is clearly labeled. Give all medications to your nurse. Prescriptions given you upon discharge cannot be filled by the hospital pharmacy, but should be taken to your preferred pharmacist.

Safety policies require that all electrical appliances brought to the hospital, such as radios and shavers be examined by the Maintenance Department. Hair dryers are in all patient bathrooms.  Please let your nurse know if you have any appliances needing to be checked.

Transitional Planning
A representative will help you plan for timely discharge or transfer to another facility and arrange for assistance and/or equipment you may need. This person will explain community services and resources and help arrange for needed services. Ask your nurse or physician to contact the Care Coordinator for you.

Problem Resolution
The Patient Advocate is available to all patients, family members and other interested people. The Patient Advocate is the channel through which patients can seek solutions to problems, express grievances or just ask questions. All patients who use the services of the Patient Advocate are treated with courtesy and respect. The Patient Advocate can be reached by calling (307) 322-3636 ext. 2227.

Platte County Memorial Hospital
201 14th St.
Wheatland, WY 82201
(307) 322-3636
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