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Birthing Services

Baby and mom  

Every birth is a unique experience, and at Platte County Memorial Hospital, our highly skilled and compassionate staff provides comprehensive specialty care, family education and support. We offer private rooms in comfortable, home-like settings, and there are options available throughout labor and birth to enhance your experience such as: Jacuzzis, epidurals, intravenous medications and birthing balls.

Mothers are able to labor, deliver, recover and receive postpartum care in our spacious private birthing suites. Visiting hours are flexible so that family members can share in the happy occasion (at mom’s discretion).  

After the birth of your baby, a certified lactation consultant is available to help you with all of your breastfeeding needs during and after your hospital stay. 

We also provide you with the opportunity to share first pictures of your baby through an innovative web and in-hospital baby photo service called, “That’s My Baby”.   

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