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Banner Sun Health Research Institute is a world-class leader in basic and translational research, clinical care, prevention and education in age-related conditions such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s and cardiovascular disease.

In less than a generation of intensive investigation, the staff at Banner Sun Health Research Institute has earned an international reputation for breakthroughs for some of the most debilitating age-related diseases.

Since its founding in 1986, the work by scientists and physicians at Banner Sun Health Research Institute has had a significant impact on generating ground-breaking research, developing effective treatments and devising strategies for prevention of many diseases.

The Institute, which together with its Arizona consortium partners, has been designated by the National Institutes of Health as one of just 29 Alzheimer’s Disease Centers in the nation. In addition, the first state-sponsored Arizona Parkinson’s Disease Center was established at Banner Sun Health Research Institute with the collaboration of Mayo Clinic-Scottsdale.

In 1987, the institute began its  Brain and Body Donation Program, which now sends samples to researchers around the world. More than 2,000 people have enrolled as donors and many more have served as volunteers for the bank.

Brain and body tissue donation is a gift that makes it possible for researchers to study various types of diseases and disorders. Through the process of clinically examining participants during their lives and then receiving their tissue at death, scientific questions are being answered and many medical mysteries are being unveiled. 

Our history and future are linked to the key accomplishments of our scientists and staff.

Our campus includes:

  • Harold W. Civin Laboratory of Neuropathology and the Banner Sun Health Research Institute Brain Body Donation Program
  • Neuroinflammation Laboratory
  • Cleo Roberts Center for Clinical Research
  • Haldeman Laboratory for Molecular Diagnositcs and Therapeutics
  • L. J. Roberts Center for Alzheimer’s Research
  • Napolean Longtine Center for Molecular Biology and Genetics
  • The Center for Healthy Aging
  • Thomas H. Christopher Center for Parkinson's Research
  • The Center for Cardiovascular Research


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To schedule an appointment at The Cleo Roberts Alzheimer's and Movement Disorder Clinic, call 623-832-6530.

Banner Sun Health Research Institute
10515 W. Santa Fe Drive
Sun City, AZ 85351
(623) 832-6500
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