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Cleo Roberts Center for Clinical Research



Banner Sun Health Research Institute's contributions to medicine go far beyond scientific breakthroughs in its research labs.

We are a national leader in:

  • Bench-to-bedside research
  • Clinical research
  • The translation and conversion of laboratory discoveries into new clinical treatments.

The Cleo Roberts Center for Clinical Research has some of the top principal investigators in the nation who have a proven track record of integrity and results, which has led to worldwide recognition. 

Our reputation has also allowed us to be sought out by many prestigious collaborators, including:

  • Governmental agencies
  • Leading research institutions
  • Pharmaceutical and device companies. 

Our research team includes:

Clinical research at Banner Sun Health Research Institute is a well-coordinated process, involving an enormous cooperative effort among physicians, scientists and other healthcare professionals. Protocols are written at a high standard and subjected to intense scrutiny, both internally through our Institutional Review Board and externally.

Clinical research is a vital part of modern medicine. It answers the questions posed by our hypotheses by studying specific conditions and treatments in clinical trials. This helps us to understand the nature of a disease or the effectiveness of a drug or medical device.  

Because of exacting standards, world-class facilities and excellent clinical care, Banner Sun Health Research Institute is a leader in translational medicine.


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