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Meet Helen Kantzler


Helen Kantzler, born on July 30, 1913, is one of our healthy agers  participating in the Longevity Study. Helen believes that living a life full of love has contributed to her successful aging. She believes that it is important to show love to others and making it possible for others to show love to you.

Throughout Helen’s childhood she enjoyed spending time with friends. When asked what she remembers most about being 18, Helen states that she was very happy and had wonderful friends. Helen attended New York University where she got a degree in English and says she had “serious classes she studied for.” She remembers having fun with her friends going to school, conversing, and enjoying each others’ time.

Due to her age, Helen is unable to do things she used to enjoy such as going to the movies, going to concerts, and walking around in her neighborhood. However, she does not let it stop her and has learned to accustom herself to enjoying activities such as going to the library and picking out books or watching certain television programs at home.

 Helen’s advice to today’s generation is, “Don’t let a day pass without doing what you enjoy.”  She believes that it is necessary to take advantage of what you have and enjoy every day as it comes. Helen is a woman who knows the value of relationships and also suggests to have sincere friends and invest time into their lives.

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