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Meet Julian Wright


Julian Wright was born in 1913, making him one of the oldest members in the longevity study on healthy aging. A native of New York, Julian attended Cornell University in the early 1930s. After graduation in 1934, Julian started his first job as a high school teacher in Naples, New York.

Julian taught agriculture which later led him to his leadership position as a 4H agent for corporate extension. In recalling his early memories, Julian said it was more helpful to remember the year rather than his own age. Julian later retired in 1975 and moved to Arizona with his wife. He enjoys retired life because he can stay as busy as he wants and rest when he wants to. 

Julian attributes a range of factors to his healthy aging and longevity. His genes play a large role, as both his parents lived to age 93. An active lifestyle and a positive, optimistic attitude also keep him going. He further believes healthy choices and a lifetime free of smoking helped his aging process. Julian stays active in his leisure time. Until several falls three years ago that decreased his balance, Julian was an avid golfer. Today, he enjoys spending time with his wife, reading, and watching TV. He also tries to use the computer, but he jokingly said it is often too frustrating.   

In advising the younger generation, Julian says to, “Get as much education as you can.” He believes in education and learning something that will be useful in the work force. Once you’re in school, he advises, put everything you have into your schooling and work. He joked that his four years of college and a year of grad school cost less than one year of a university tuition today. He cautions students to make it worth the money they are spending.

Julian has a truly animated and delightful personality. He is thankful to have been able to experience so many amazing memories over the many years. 

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