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Meet Orin Stager


Born in 1912, Orin Stager is a participant in our Longevity Study. He believes the most important contributor to his healthy aging and longevity is because the Lord has been watching over him. He believes the Lord has guided him through life as he has been going to Sunday school and church since he was a kid.

Orin also mentions that he did not worry about tomorrow, but focused on the now and knows that believing this has made a difference in his life. When thinking back to when he was 18, Orin says chuckling, “I never really grew up. I was 18 until I was about 30.”

Orin participated in the Boy Scouts and lived with his parents at home. Orin describes, as a child he was not a drinker and attended church on a regular basis.

In his free time, Orin enjoys reading fiction magazines such as National Geographic and The Smithsonian. He is not physically able to work out much as his body is weak at times, but is able to do odd jobs around the house that do not require a ladder.

Orin also enjoys spending time with his wife of 26 years as he loves her cooking and is thankful that she takes care of him well. Currently, Orin and his wife participate in their church and try to be actively involved. He loves listening to music, but not anything of that “head banging drummer stuff” as he says.  

Orin gives insight to the younger generation as he explains that in order to keep yourself straightened out as you should, you need to find the Lord at a young age. As trials come through life, lean on the Lord and stay with Him for He is your strength. Orin also advocates not to “carry things on your sleeve,” but rather have a positive attitude and take one day at a time. 

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