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Meet Ruthie Culver


Born in 1907, Ruthie Culver is one of the oldest individuals in our study.  She attributes her longevity to being blessed with “a wonderful supporting family.” Ruthie was very close to her parents and loved them dearly. She cherishes the memories she has of the family game nights they would have.

Ruthie enthusiastically says that she and her brother were her parents’ little treasures; they were always treated like royalty.  She also reminisced about the childhood memories she has of playing at the lake each day after school. She stated that while she was never the athletic type, Ruth greatly enjoyed playing games of hide-n-seek and tag with her friends.

Ruthie is currently a volunteer at Banner Boswell Medical Center and has been with the hospital for over 30 years. She plans to continue volunteering for as long as possible and says it is because “everyone is so good to [her].” Besides volunteering, she enjoys reading love stories and poems.

She also finds pleasure in fashion and is very conscientious of her appearance; she always color coordinates her outfits. 

Her charming personality has been very endearing to everyone around her. Ruthie maintains an optimistic outlook on life and believes that today’s younger generation should “always be true to yourself.”

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