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Meet Walter Wittich


Born in 1910 and originally a native of Wisconsin, Walter Wittich has been a participant with the Longevity study since 2007.  Walter is a highly educated man who is fluent in Spanish, German, and French. He attributes his healthy aging and longevity to his wonderful parents who taught him to be active and value life.

He is also thankful that the University of Wisconsin has provided him with an exceptional education and has assisted him in finding a career after graduation.  As a sign of his gratitude for all the University of Wisconsin has done for him, Walter happily contributes to their scholarship fund. Recipients of the scholarship often send him letters expressing their appreciation; Walter takes great pride in sharing these letters with others.

When he was younger, Walter enjoyed participating in recreational sports with his family. He became knowledgeable about Wisconsin’s wildlife and relished the time he spent fishing. Currently, Walter spends the majority of his leisure time socializing with good friends, reading, and taking walks.

Walter recommends that today’s younger generation should strive to maintain a healthy lifestyle. He also states that it is important to “communicate with your maker” because having a good religious faith not only instills strong ethics but also teaches you to respect others.

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