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John's Story


Radiation oncology staff makes John feel like family.

After 71-year-old John completed radiation therapy treatments at the McKee Cancer Center in Loveland, Colorado in early 2006, he decided to share with McKee Medical Center’s administration and the radiation oncology department just how he felt about the service he had received.

“I was honest, my experience there was extraordinary. If you have to be subjected to cancer it really helps to have an experienced group working on you. Every person I came in contact with in the radiation oncology department treated me with kindness and empathy.”

Before being diagnosed with prostate cancer late in 2005, John had not been familiar with McKee’s cancer center. In the months to follow, however, he would visit the facility many times. From staff at the front desk, to the treatment planners and coordinators, to those who gave the radiation treatments – the “zapper team,” as John calls them – all were top-notch.

“I had the definite impression that this team enjoys each other and thrives on working together. This confidence is transferred to the patient who is made to feel a part of their family. I feel blessed to have had such a splendid team treating me.”

John elected to do a combination of treatments. While a prostatectomy (surgery to remove the prostate) was an option, John was advised that this procedure was not indicated in his case. Thus, he chose hormone therapy, followed by external radiation therapy and then brachytherapy – where radioactive seeds are implanted in the prostate, close to the cancer.

John's treatments were successful and “I now pronounce myself cured.”

Going through such an experience wasn’t easy but John says he was most grateful that he had the support of family, friends and the dedicated professionals at McKee along the way.

“When I ‘graduated’ from my (external) radiation treatments, all the staff gathered around and gave me a signed certificate and an ‘Angel on My Shoulder’ poem with a pin. They didn’t have to do this but they did because they really care. That makes all the difference in the world.”

"I am living proof."

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