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Normal and Abnormal Forgetfulness


Jeff Siegel, MD, practices at North Colorado Medical Center.

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Normal versus Abnormal Forgetfulness Video - Full Transcription

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Image:  Jeff Siegel, MD, speaks on-camera throughout video.

Text:   Jeff Siegel, MD - Neurologist
North Colorado Medical Center

Text: Normal vs Abnormal Forgetfulness

Audio:  “What constitutes normal versus abnormal forgetfulness? I’m Dr. Jeff Siegel, a neurologist at North Colorado Medical Center.”

Text:   Everyone forgets things from time to time

Audio:  “Everyone forgets things form time to time: the car keys or an item on their shopping list. But abnormal forgetfulness is forgetting that you even have car or where the store is. Abnormal forgetfulness is a sign of a demented disease such as Alzheimer’s, which will get worse. So, what can we do to slow down the progression of this disease?”

Text:   BE PROACTIVE: Learn new things , Try new activities

Audio:  “We can be proactive – continue to learn new things and try new activities as we age, for example. Throughout our lives, our brain generates new cells and connections. By learning new things, we can help this process along. The key point is to try things that are unrelated to your current occupation. Maybe you can learn how to knit or tie flies, or even learn a new language.”

Text:   BE PROACTIVE: Get Physical Exercise, And Good Nutrition

Audio:  “Being proactive also means getting physical. Physical exercise and good nutrition are important for good brain health.”

Text:   A Healthy Heart And Body = Healthy Brain Function

Audio:  “A healthy heart and body are connected to healthy brain function. If you are concerned that you may have abnormal forgetfulness or brain function, the first step is to see a neurologist, who will perform a cognitive test to determine if disease is even present or whether it is the normal ageing process. The most important point is this: the key to treating diseases of the brain is early detection. For instance, Alzheimer’s disease currently is not curable, but it is treatable.”

Text:   The Key to treating diseases of the brain is early detection

Audio:  “The earlier it is diagnosed, the more quickly it can be treated so that quality of life can be preserved for as long as possible. Treatments can include both drug therapies and non-drug therapies, such as brain exercises. Your doctor can help you to decide what the best options are for you.”

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