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Colon Cancer


K. S. Venkatesh, MD is a Colorectal Surgeon at Banner Desert Medical Center.

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ASK THE EXPERT: Colon Cancer Video - Full Trancription

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Text:     Banner Health Presents:
             Ask the Expert
Text: K. S. Venkatesh, MD
 Colorectal Surgeon
 Banner Desert Medical Center

Image: K. S. Venkatesh, MD, speaks on-camera throughout video.
Text: Colon Cancer
   Approximately 146,000 Patients

Audio:  “Colon cancer is a very common cancer occurring in this country. It occurs in the colon as well as in the rectum. Approximately about 146,000 patients in the country annually have colon cancer. About 100,000 of them occur in the colon; 46,000 of them occur in the rectum.”

Text: Colon Cancer
   Ratio between Men and Women is 1 to 1

Audio:   “The ratio of colon cancer occurring in men and women are just the same. It’s one-to-one. There is no sex predilection of the colon cancer.” 

Text: Colon Cancer
   Occurs more frequently than Lung or Breast Cancers

Audio:  “If you look at the major cancers, colon cancers occur more frequently than lung cancers and breast cancers.”

Text: Colon Cancer
   The Primary Risk Factor is Genes

Audio:  “The primary risk factor of colon cancer is genes. It occurs in the same family. Diet has basically nothing to do with colon cancer. A high fiber diet will not reduce the rate of colon cancer.”

Text: Colon Cancer
   You should have a Colonoscopy by the time you turn 50

Audio:  “At the present time we want everybody to have had a colonoscopy by the time they turn 50. And what has been translated too now, they all wait until they turn 50 and then they try to do a colonoscopy. So we wish everybody would have had a colonoscopy examination by the time they turn 50.”

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