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MRSA Infections


John Breen, MD, practices at North Colorado Medical Center.

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MRSA Infections - Full Transcript 

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Image: John Breen, MD, speaks on-camera throughout video.

North Colorado Medical Center   

Audio:  “I’m Dr. John Breen, an infectious disease physician at North Colorado Medical Center.”

Text: PENICILLIN “Miracle Drug”, Staph Aureus

Audio:  “Penicillin, discovered in 1928, was thought to be a miracle drug effective in treating a variety of infections including those caused by staph aureus.”

Text: Resistance to Penicillin and many other drugs

Audio:  “However, since then we have seen the development of resistance to penicillin as well as resistance to many other antibiotics. These resistant organisms pose significant challenges for health care providers.”

Text: MRSA is responsible for difficult to treat infections in humans     

Audio:  “One of these is methicillin-resistant staph aureus, so-called MRSA, a bacterium responsible for difficult-to-treat infections in humans.”

Text: In the past decade, the number of MRSA infections in the U.S. has increased significantly

Audio:  “In the past decade or so, the number of MRSA infections in the United States has increased significantly…”  

Text: Community acquired, Hospital acquired

Audio:  “…in both community-acquired infections and hospital-acquired infections.”

Text: While a resistance to a variety of antibiotics has developed in MRSA, this bacteria remains susceptible to a variety of common antibiotics

Audio:  “While resistance to a variety of antibiotics has developed in this organism, MRSA, it’s also true that this bacteria remains susceptible to a variety of commonly used antibiotics.”

Text: Cause of Skin and Soft Tissue Infections

Audio:  “Emergency room physicians, increasingly aware of MRSA as a cause of skin and soft tissue infections, have at their disposal a number of…”

Text: Oral Antibiotics effective against MRSA

Audio:  “…oral antibiotics effective against this particular organism.”


Audio:  “Increased awareness of MRSA serves to remind health care workers of the time-honored principles of infection control. These traditional methods include early surgical drainage of abscesses, appropriate cultures of infected wounds, and judicious use of antibiotics. Specifically, using narrow-spectrum therapy when possible, limiting the duration of therapy, if possible, and the avoidance of antibiotic use when one does not know the specific bacterial cause of an infection.”     

Text: Effective means of controlling MRSA, Separation of infected patients, Routine cleansing of shared equipment, Hand washing

Audio:  “Health care providers are increasingly concerned with effective means of controlling the spread of MRSA in the hospital setting. Separation of infected patients, routine cleaning of shared equipment, and hand washing have all been shown to be effective measures of control.”

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