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Melody Rodarte, D.O., practices at Banner Gateway Medical Center.

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Shingles Video - Full Transcript

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Image:  Dr. Melody Rodarte, remaining on-camera throughout the video, speaks.

Text:   MELODY RODARTE, D.O. Internal Medicine -- Banner Gateway Medical Center

Audio:  “I’m Dr. Melody Rodarte at Banner Gateway Medical Center.”

Text:    A painful blister-type rash that affects roughly one million Americans each year

Audio:  “Shingles is a painful, blister-type rash that affects roughly one million Americans each year.”

Text:     Varicella Zoster Virus, CHICKEN POX

Audio:  “It is caused by the varicella-zoster virus – the same virus responsible for chicken pox. After the infection with chicken pox…”

Text:    The virus can reside quietly in the nervous system for years

Audio:  “…the virus can reside in the nervous system quietly for years. Shingles is a reactivation of the varicella-zoster virus, which has been dormant in the nervous system.”

Text:     Any healthy adult is at risk
 After age 50 - risk increases

Audio:  “Any healthy adult is at risk but, after age 50, our immune system decreases, increasing the risk of the virus reactivating.”

Text:   Reactivation Triggers: STRESS & ILLNESS

Audio:  “Some triggers for reactivation include stress and illness. Shingles creates painful blisters that form a line or ‘wrap around’ one side of the torso.”

Text:   A tingling heat sensation may proceed the eruption

Audio:  “A tingling heat sensation may proceed the eruption and some people may experience…”

Text:   Increased sensitivity or numbness

Audio:  “…increased sensitivity or numbness in the area prior to the blisters appearing.”

Text:   Blisters may last a few days, 3-4 weeks to totally heal, Possibility of some scarring

Audio:  “The blisters may take a few days and then scab over. It may take three to four weeks for total healing of the rash and it is not uncommon to have some scarring.”

Text:   Open blister phase - The most contagious phase

Audio:  “During the open blister phase, the most contagious phase of shingles, precautions should be taken…”

Text:   Pregnant women, Newborns, Immunocompromised persons , Those who have not had Chicken Pox

Audio:  “…with pregnant women, newborns, immunocompromised persons and those who have not had chicken pox.”

Text:   You can’t give someone Shingles, You can give someone Chicken Pox

Audio:  “Although you can’t give someone shingles, you can give them chicken pox when you are contagious.”

Text:   Complications can include: Continued pain, Ocular or ear involvement, Superficial skin infections

Audio:  “Complications of shingles can include continued pain, which is termed post-herpetic neuralgia, ocular or ear involvement may occur if the face is involved, and superficial skin infections may also occur in the lesions.”

Text: There are multiple treatment options available for Shingles

Audio:  “There are multiple treatment options available for shingles. Contact your physician for more information.”

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