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What is Reiki Therapy?


Jenna Davis, a volunteer resource manager for Banner Heart Hospital and Banner Baywood Medical Center in Mesa .

Question: My husband was recently admitted to Banner Heart Hospital. During his stay, a volunteer came to his room and performed reiki therapy. My husband swears this therapy helped aid his quick recovery. What is reiki therapy and who performs this service?

Answer: Reiki is a natural therapy that uses healing energy to balance, increase well-being and support healing. Healing energy exists in the body but is depleted when you are sick or stressed. Reiki helps to increase your energy supply. This increased flow of healing energy sets the stage for your body, mind and spirit to heal itself.

Reiki sessions are a volunteer service to aid in patient recovery and rehabilitation and are offered to Banner Heart Hospital patients and their families at no cost. Sessions are conducted by a licensed reiki practitioner who has proven completion of reiki Level II or higher certification and has also completed the Banner Heart's volunteer-orientation process.

Reiki sessions are held in individual patient rooms, and the practitioner's hands don't touch - they work in the space about 6 inches above the body. All patients need to do during a reiki session is completely relax. The session lasts about 15 to 20 minutes and is described by some as a "warm, glowing radiance."

Reiki is offered throughout Banner Health; please ask your health care provider or any Banner employee about the availability of services at your facility.

Reviewed May 2010

Page Last Modified: 05/18/2011
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