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Asprin and Heart Attacks


Mark Starling, MD is the Chief Medical Officer and practices at Banner Heart Hospital.


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Image: Mark Starling, MD, speaks on-camera throughout video.

Text: Dr. Mark Starling
Banner Heart Hospital

Audio:  “I’m Dr. Mark Starling. I’m the Chief Medical Officer at Banner Heart and I‘d like to talk to you about the use of aspirin… “

Text: Aspirin and Heart Attacks

Audio:  “ …to either prevent a first heart attack or to prevent a recurrence of a heart attack if you have already had one.”

Text: Men Over Age 55

Audio:  “A major study published some years ago demonstrated that men over the age of 55…”

Text: Women Over Age 60

Audio:  “… or women over the age of 60 can have the risk of heart attack reduced...”

Text: Reduced Risk of Heart Attack with daily dose of baby or low-dose aspirin

Audio:  “…if you take a daily baby aspirin.  Similarly, if you’ve already had a heart attack…”

Text: Reduced Risk of Recurrence with daily dose of baby or low-dose aspirin

Audio:  “…taking a baby aspirin on a daily basis after the initial heart attack can substantially reduce your risk of having a recurrence of that heart attack. So a baby aspirin once a day can either prevent your initial risk or your secondary risk of a heart attack.”

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