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Heart Failure Video


Robert Mondschein, MD is a cardiologist at Banner Heart Hosiptal.

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ASK THE EXPERT: Heart Failure Video - Full Transcription

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Text: Banner Health Presents: Ask the Expert 
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Text: Robert Mondschein, MD - Cardiologist
Banner Heart Hospital

Image: Robert Mondschein, MD, speaks on-camera.

Text: Heart Failure

Audio: “Heart failure is caused by the….”

Text: Failure of heart to pump strongly
Change in muscle consistency

Audio:  “…failure of the heart to pump strongly or a change in the consistency of the muscle of the heart, where the heart can frequently become stiffened. Heart failure can be caused by many common medical conditions if left unchecked…”

Text: High blood pressure

Audio:  “…such as high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity. Smoking can contribute to heart blockages and heart attacks, which can also cause heart failure.”

Text: Shortness of breath
 Swelling of the legs
 Inability to sleep while lying flat.

Audio:  “The symptoms of heart failure usually, in most patients, will be shortness of breath and fatigue. Most patients also will notice swelling of the legs and an inability to sleep while lying flat. Patients with a diagnose of heart failure can frequently lead a normal, healthy life provided they get good education as an in-patient with respect to their medicines, diet, exercise. In addition, it’s very important for them to have prompt follow-up with their physicians as soon as they leave the hospital.”

Text: Heart Failure

Audio:  “We can help prevent the onset of heart failure by controlling those ailments which lead to weakness in the heart muscle or stiffness in the heart muscle, such as obesity and sleep apnea, high blood pressure, diabetes and smoking.”

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