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Robotic Heart Surgery Video


H. Kenith Fang, MD is chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery at Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix.

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ASK THE EXPERT: Robotic Heart Surgery - Full Transcription

Text:     This video is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information in regard to the subject matter covered. It is not intended to  provide professional medical advice or any other professional service. If medical or other professional assistance is required, the services of a competent professional should be sought.

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Text:     Banner Health Presents:
             Ask the Expert
Text: H. Kenith Fang, MD
 Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery
Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix
Text: Robotic Heart Surgery
Certain heart conditions
Mitral valve prolapse
Mitral valve regurgitation
Mitral valve repair
Atrial myxoma

Image: H. Kenith Fang, MD, speaks on-camera throughout video.

Audio:  “Anyone that has certain heart conditions are potential candidates for Robotic Heart Surgery. People who have mitral valve prolapse, mitral valve regurgitation that needs a mitral valve repair are very good candidates for robotic heart surgery. People who have a mass in their heart, specifically in the atrium, something called atrial myxoma are very good candidates for removal of this mass using a very small incision with the aid of the robot.”

Text: 3-D scope
Robotic arm

Audio:  “What the robot does is brings a whole new realm of optics where we can actually see things through a scope in three dimensions. Also the dexterity of the robotic arm – we have essentially one joint in the wrist to do surgery with the robotic arm as two separate joints.”

Text: Better visualization
Better dexterity
Very small incisions

Audio: “The robot allows the surgeon to do the operation with better visualization, better dexterity, through very small incisions.”

Text: Benefits
Smaller incisions
Much less pain
Much faster recovery

Audio: “The benefit of having a robotic heart operation is really the benefit of minimally invasive surgery. The smaller incisions that’s being done with the aid of the robot allows for much less pain associated with the operation and therefore a much faster recovery.” 

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