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What to pack in my 'delivery' bag?

Beckee Lucas  

Beckee Lucas, RN-C, is the nursing manager of labor and delivery at Banner Ironwood Medical Center in San Tan Valley, Ariz..

Question: What should I take to the hospital when I have my baby?

First of all, don’t forget your ID, insurance card, and birth plan (if you have one). 

Remember that you’re only going to be in the hospital for two to three days and want to be comfortable.  I’d suggest you pack a gym bag with stretchy pants, a nursing bra, a robe, slippers, “disposable underwear,” and an outfit to wear home.  You are welcome to bring comfortable clothes to wear during your stay if you don’t want to wear the hospital gowns. 

Your baby will need an outfit to go home, as well as a blanket. I recommend installing a car seat and having it checked by a certified car seat inspector prior to the big day, so that it’s ready when you go head home.  Your birthing coach should also pack a bag as well, if he or she plans to stay at the hospital with you. 

Optional items to bring include:

  • a camera with battery charger
  • a cell phone charger;
  • a list of “people to tell”
  • a pillow
  • a baby book (if you want footprints done)
  • rubber bands/headbands
  • travel-size toiletries (the hospital can supply these, but you might have a brand preference)
  • an MP3 player or iPod
  • light reading materials.

The key is to keep your bag light and know that the hospital will likely have most of what you need.

Page Last Modified: 06/08/2011
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