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What is the blue card for?

Kathy Kreig  

Kathy Krieg, MD, is a Gilbert pediatrician with privileges at Cardon Children’s Medical Center in Mesa, Ariz.

Question: I received a blue card from the hospital when we brought our newborn home. What is it for?

Answer: Every newborn in Arizona is given a Lifetime Immunization Record upon discharge from the hospital. 

You will find that his or her first hepatitis B shot will be written on the inside.  On the back there will be a sticker with the hearing test results.  Your first step should be to write your baby’s name and birth date on the inside.  Be sure to bring this card to your baby’s first doctor’s appointment.   

This card is your way of keeping track of the shots that your child receives.  Take it with you when your child goes to the doctor and ask that the office makes a record your child gets a shot.  You will need this card many times as your baby grows up.  You will need it if your child changes doctors, starts school, goes to camp or changes schools. You will even need it when your child goes to college!

Keep your card in a safe place.  If you don’t  keep the card updated you will have to take the time to call the doctor’s office every time you need a copy of your child’s record. You will then have to fill out a release if you want it faxed.  Some offices charge for multiple copies of shot records. 

Also, your child may end up getting duplicate shots if your record is not kept up to date.

If you don’t have a “blue card” for your child ask your pediatrician to make you one.  It takes a little time to fill one out so ask a few days before you need it.

Page Last Modified: 06/11/2013
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