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Anterior Hip Replacements

Dr. Greg Sirounian  

Gregory Sirounian, MD,  is an orthopedic surgeon on staff at Banner Estrella Medical Center.

Question: I am currently considering hip replacement surgery. How does the anterior hip replacement approach differ from a traditional hip replacement?

Answer: Our hips are susceptible to the normal wear and tear of aging, injury and disease - each capable of turning a healthy step into a hurtful hobble. Body movements and weight-bearing activities place a great deal of stress on hips, which can make a bad hip painful, stiff and sometimes debilitating. A total hip replacement is commonly recommended for people dealing with problematic hips.

Traditionally, hip replacements have been performed by accessing the hip joint from the back or side of the hip and upper leg region. This approach requires surgeons to make a 10-12 inch incision, followed by cutting through the muscle and separating it from the bone in order to access the hip joint. The resulting muscle damage contributes to a slow and sometimes painful recovery process.

However, a new technique for hip replacement is offered at Banner Estrella Medical Center. The anterior hip replacement approach allows surgeons to access the hip from the front of the upper leg. Using a four to five inch incision, the surgeon accesses the hip through the natural breaks and divisions in the muscle tissue. As a result, muscle damage is significantly minimized, as is the pain and rehabilitation process typically associated with the traditional hip replacement procedure. Patients who undergo anterior hip replacements are usually up and walking that same day and fully recover in a matter of weeks, as opposed to months. Of course, results may vary based on the patient.

If you experience hip problems or are exploring treatment options, speak with your doctor to determine whether anterior hip replacement is an appropriate option for you.

Page Last Modified: 05/27/2010
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