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Children With Asthma and Sports


Kelvin Panesar, MD practices at Cardon Children's Medical Center. 

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Full Transcript: Asthma – Kids Sports Video

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Text: Banner Health Presents: Ask The Expert
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Image: Kelvin Panesar, MD
Pediatric Pulmonologist - Cardon Children’s Medical Center

Image: Dr. Kelvin Panesar speaks on-camera throughout the video.

Text: Kelvin Panesar, MD
Pediatric Pulmonoligist - Cardon Children’s Medical Center

Audio:  “In the past, asthmatic children would have difficulty participating in sports.”

Text: Grass, Dirt, Airborne allergens, Overexertion

Audio:  “Running on grass or dirt, airborne allergens and overexertion were a sure prescription for a serious asthma attack. Advancements in the field of asthma treatment have made it possible for even the most serious of asthmatics to enjoy athletics without putting their health at risk.”

Text: Understanding, Personal Triggers, Is Important

Audio:  “Understanding personal triggers is important for any asthmatic. For example, an asthmatic with grass allergies might participate in indoor rather than outdoor sports.”

Text: If your child’s asthma is severe, a specialist may recommend steroids

Audio:  “If your child’s asthma is severe, a specialist may recommend inhaled corticosteroids as a treatment plan.”

Text: Inhaled Corticosteroids reduce swelling and mucus production in the airways

Audio:  “These inhaled corticosteroids may help reduce the swelling and mucus production in the airways -- making the airways less likely to react to triggers.”

Text: Better control over their condition by supporting airways and lung capacity

Audio:  “Prescribed inhaled steroids allow people with asthma to have better control over their condition by supporting their airways and lung capacity.”

Text: Children should never feel limited

Audio:  “Children should never feel that they are limited by their diagnosis. If your child is set on a sport that might cause breathing issues...”

Text: Work closely with an asthma specialist

Audio:  “…work closely with an asthma specialist to develop a plan that will allow them to participate.”

Text: Keep emergency medicines nearby - Make sure responsible adults are aware of child’s condition

Audio:  “Most importantly, keep emergency medication close by, and make sure, any responsible adults are aware of your child’s condition and possible consequences associated with it.”

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