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Idiopathic Scoliosis: A Curvature of the Spine


Mark Flood, DO practices at Cardon Children's Medical Center.

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Full Transcription – Idiopathic Scoliosis Video

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Audio:  Opening Theme Music

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Image:  Dr. Mark Flood on-camera, speaks.

             Mark Flood, D.O. Cardon Children’s Medical Center

Audio:  “Idiopathic scoliosis is a curvature of the spine and occurs in approximately 2-5%…”

Text: Occurs in 2-5% of Adolescent Children

Audio:  “…of adolescent children.”

Image: Deformed spine.

Text: Affects Breathing if Untreated Can Cause Cosmetic Deformity

Audio:  “These curves can affect the children’s ability to breathe if untreated and also results in a cosmetic deformity.”

Image: Effect on posture with curvature disorder.

Text:  Catch the Curve Early

Audio:  “Here at the center, we try to catch the curve early so that we can prevent the curve from progressing to the point where it needs surgery.”

Image: X-ray image of early curvature disorder.

Text:   Most Children do not Require Surgical Intervention

Audio:  “Most children with scoliosis will not require surgical intervention. It’s our goal to catch the curve in the earlier stages when bracing will be effective.”

Text: Pediatricians - School Nurses

Image: Over upbeat image of two boys relaxing on grass outside.

Audio:  “We work closely with the pediatricians, as well as school nurses to catch these curves…”

Image: Dr. Mark Flood, speaking:

Text: Screening Tests, School Physical, Sports Physical

Audio:   “…through screening tests whether be a school physical or a sports physical to catch the curve early enough where we can accurately intervene.”

Slide: Skeletal model of spine

Audio:  “Or if a surgery is required, we have a team of physicians here and other ancillary providers…”

Image: Young boy smiling

Text:  Physical therapy, pediatric pain team, respiratory therapy

Audio:  “…of physical therapy, a pediatric pain team, respiratory therapy…”

Image: X-ray image of curved spine

Audio:  “…all these specialists help to make sure that the surgery is done safely. We also use intraoperative monitoring …”


Audio:  “…so that when surgery is required, we monitor the spinal chord throughout the procedure…”

Image: Illustrations of normal spine versus curved spine


Audio:  “…to make sure there are no neurologic complications during the procedure.”

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