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Laboring In Water


Steve Lepetich, MD practices in the obstetrics and gynecology department at  Banner Desert Medical Center.

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ASK THE EXPERT: Laboring In Water Video - Full Transcription

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Audio:  Opening Theme Music

Text:     Banner Health Presents:
             Ask the Expert
Text: Steve Lepetich, MD
 Obstetrics and Gynecology
 Banner Desert Medical Center

Image: Steve Lepetich, MD, speaks on-camera throughout video.

Text: Laboring In Water
 * Birth Experience Different Than Normal

Audio:  “Laboring in water is an opportunity for a woman to have a birth experience that’s a little bit different than the normal birth experience.”

Text: Not A New Process
  * Used Worldwide
  * Used In Many Cultures
  * Used In Different Situations

Audio:   “Water labor is not a new process. It’s been used throughout the world in many cultures and in many different situations.”

Text: Hydrotherapy Is Beneficial
  * Preeclampsia
  * Poor Fetal Growth
  * Poor Circulation
  * Labor and Delivery

Audio:  “Hydrotherapy is very beneficial for women who have medical problems prior to delivery. Preeclampsia, poor fetal growth, poor circulation have all been shown to be correctable and improved by hydrotherapy—and it only makes sense that this process be extended to labor and delivery.”

Text: Candidacy
 * Mother Selected By Her Physician and the Nursing Staff

Image:  Photo of Water Tub

Audio:  “The mother is chosen or selected by her physician and the nursing staff as an appropriate candidate medically and, after that is taken care of, then she’s allowed to get into the water tub at any point in the labor process.”

Text: Baby & Mother In Safe Environment
 * Mother Provided With Necessary Medication
 * Baby Monitored With Waterproof Fetal Monitor

Audio:  “The baby and the mother are both safe in this environment. The mother is provided with any necessary medications and the child is monitored during the process with a waterproof fetal monitor.”

Text: Water Takes Away
   * Fear
   * Stress
   * Strain

Audio:  “When you’re in water, it takes away a lot of the psychological fear and a lot of the stress and strain. It’s relaxing.”

Text: Water Helps with Contractions
   * Withstand Pain
   * Easier Labor Process

Audio:  “Physiologically, water has been shown to help in the process of contractions. People who are in water during labor have the ability to withstand pain and they’re able to go through labor in a much easier process.”    

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