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Medical Home Concept of Care Video


John Rooney, MD is the Hospitalist Director at Banner Gateway Medical Center.

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ASK THE EXPERT: Medical Home Care Video - Full Transcription

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Text:     The Medical Home concept of care

Text:     John Rooney, MD: Hospitalist Director, Banner Gateway Medical Center

Image:  John Rooney, MD, speaks on-camera throughout video.

Audio:  “The Medical Home concept of care is essentially establishing care with a primary care physician. The primary care physician’s office is essentially the hub of your medical care. The concept utilizes a team approach to coordinating medical care between your primary care provider, specialist, therapist, and other community resources. Also, in the medical home, all of your medical records are kept in one place. The primary care physician knows your history. He knows what tests have been done. He knows everything about your medical history, and so it’s all right there.”

Text:     The role of the Primary Care Physician

Audio:  “The main role of the primary care physician is establishing relationship with you and getting to know who you are as a person. Hopefully, this relationship spans one’s lifetime. The primary care physician also is the gatekeeper. He coordinates your medical care. So if one needs a specialist for, let’s say, a heart condition, he would be responsible for referring you out to a cardiologist. If you need physical therapy, he would be the one responsible for coordinating your care with a physical therapist.”

Text:     Benefits of the Medical Home concept of care: One-stop Shopping, Personal Physician, entralized Medical Records

Audio:  “The benefits of a medical home -- number one, it’s one-stop shopping for your medical care; number two, you have a physician that knows who you are as a person; number three, your medical records are all located in one place. In the event that other services are needed by other providers, they can go to one place to gain access to your medical history. And so having a Medical Home, where these needs can be met, is much more beneficial for the patient in the long run.”

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