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Do I need a doctor if I'm here for the winter?

Jennifer Hoppe, D.O.



Jennifer Hoffman, D.O., is an internal medicine and geriatrics physician at Banner Baywood Medical CenterBanner Gateway Medical Center,  and Banner Desert Medical Center.

Question: I come to Arizona for the winter. Do I really need to have a doctor here?

Answer: None of us know when we will have a medical emergency.  It is better to already have a physician who is familiar with you and your medical problems when emergency strikes, than to piece together information when you may be too ill to speak for yourself. 

Sometimes, winter visitors rely upon the Emergency department or urgent care centers for their medical care. While these facilities can start treatment, they cannot follow up on the care they provide. A doctor can make sure that your condition has been completely resolved, your treatment has been adequate and that there is no further testing required.

A doctor’s office can offer that level of follow-up care and communication. Your physician here in Arizona will work with your doctor at your permanent home, not replace him or her. I encourage every winter visitor to see a doctor here in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area, even if it’s just once.

Information you should have readily available in case of emergency:

  • Your home state doctor’s name, phone number and fax number
  • Your Arizona doctor’s name, phone number and fax information
  • A list of your medical problems, previous surgeries, medications and drug allergies
  • Contact information for family or friends in case of emergency
  • A copy of your living will or advanced directives

Page Last Modified: 08/24/2011
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