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New Year, New You


healthy new yearIt's a new year and a good time to re-dedicate yourself to your well-being. Banner Health wants to help. 

Here are our Top Ten tips for healthier new you:

  1. Have a physician partner: Now is the time to establish a good relationship with a doctor or set up your regular annual appointments. Don't have a physician? Use our physician finder to find one convenient to you. Find a physician right arrow
  2. Create a baseline: How healthy are you? Do some preliminary checks with our online health calculators. Figure out your Body mass index. Or figure out how many calories you burn in a day. Learn more with our health calculators right arrow
  3. Stay connected: Is this the year you do more with social media? Check out our Facebook pages or keep up to date with tweets. Stay connected right arrow
  4. Get screened: Throughout the year, Banner Health offers convenient checks for blood pressure, Alzheimer's, stroke and other health concerns. Learn more about screenings right arrow
  5. Get organized: Keep track of your medications through this medication tracker available through Banner Family Pharmacy. Veiw our medication tracker right arrow
  6. Get involved: Doing good can mean doing well for your health. Learn more about volunteering right arrow
  7. Assess yourself: How much do you know about making resolutions that will stick?  Take our quiz right arrow
  8. Keep updated: Banner Health offers daily health tips and health news through our online health library. Check out our library right arrow
  9. Think sun protection: Our Banner Health experts have a number of ways you can protect yourself against the sun and skin cancer. Learn more about sun protection right arrow
  10. Get some sleep: What do you know about getting some quality shut-eye? Take our sleep quiz right arrow
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