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Most Banner Health hospitals have Telemetry units that help ease a patient's transition from Intensive Care or Surgery to recovery.

When patients are admitted to the Telemetry Unit, their physician and other caregivers have decided they are ready to move next level of care. 

Telemetry patients generally:

  • Require less additional oxygen
  • Eating and are able to increase their activity level
  • No longer require bedside monitoring and one-on-one nursing

During telemetry monitoring, patients typically wear a heart monitor (a small box that weighs less than one pound) that sends signals to the nurses' station where a technician observes the heart rate and rhythm. Nurses monitor vital signs, weight measurements and fluid levels to provide the best standard of care to patients.

Telemetry nurses have chosen to specialize in the treatment of heart patients. They receive ongoing education in this specialty area.

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