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Heart Care Research

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Heart care research performed at Banner Health has made a difference in patient's lives.

Advances include:

  • Patients avoiding avoiding open-heart surgery through the use of coronary stents
  • Patients being able to move more freely because of the use of closure devices
  • Patients having a choice between invasive and non-invasive procedures for carotid stenting.
  • Investigational drugs that allow patients to recover from cardiac bypass more quickly
  • Investigational heart valves and agents that potentially minimize bleeding complications during open-heart surgery
  • Patients admitted with acute coronary syndrome are now given therapy to stop blood clotting within specific time frames. 

We are committed to supporting ongoing research throughout our hospitals. Banner Research works with Banner Health facilities and investigators in the following areas:

  • Ensure the proper review and approval of research study proposals
  • Monitor compliance with federal, state, and local institutional policies
  • Provide educational programs and training for investigators, research staff, and facility administration
  • Provide technical assistance in the management of current research studies
  • Ensure research compliance exists throughout the organization.

The Banner Sun Health Research Institute is also on the leading edge of cardiovascular research with studies involving adult stem cell therapy and heart failure.

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