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Medication Card


Child Medication Card

Print a copy of the medication card.

Not much in life is more stressful than taking your child to the hospital.

The last thing on your mind is which medications or prescriptions — or, worse, the exact dosage — your child is taking.

But such information is vital for hospital staff to know because they often give new medications to newly admitted patients or make changes to existing medications. And without correct information to go on, it’s easy for an unintended and potentially harmful medication interaction to occur.

An accurate record of your current medication list is essential to achieve safe outcomes for every patient, every time. Our focus is, and
always will be, patient safety. Cardon Children’s has created the Medication Card, an easy-to-use card given to patients upon discharge.

Families can record their children’s medications and dosages on the card and take it with them whenever they visit a health care provider – or Emergency department.

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