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Balance Testing

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Dizziness and imbalance are common complaints after suffering a concussion. Because each concussion is different, each situation needs to be evaluated with the goal of developing an individualized treatment plan.

Baseline balance testing is offered at the Banner Concussion Center to assist the vestibular therapists and the physician. Baseline testing is done on Bertec® equipment using force plate technology to determine balance function.

If an athlete or patient suffers a concussion, baseline testing results can be compared to post injury results to help with return to play/school/work decisions.

The test is facilitated by a physical therapist who measures balance through a series of physical challenges on a device that records a person’s sway and loss of balance.

If treatment is needed for balance dysfunction and dizziness, it will be done with trained vestibular therapists using state-of-the-art Bertec® equipment and balance function tools. 


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