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What is Baseline testing?

Baseline testing for concussion is a form of testing used to gather objective information regarding an individual’s normal or baseline brain function. So you can help your doctors now in the treatment of future concussions. With this testing, you can get a picture of how your brain functions in a normal state. Call (602) 839-7285 for more information about Baseline testing at Banner Concussion Center.

Sports Physicals and Baseline Concussion Testing

Throughout the summer, the Banner Concussion Center and Sports Medicine Clinic will offer Pre-Participation Physicals and Baseline Concussion Testing for youth athletes. The sports physical will be performed by a board-certified physician in sports medicine and internal medicine.

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Since normal brain function differs from person to person, baseline testing gives clinicians a point of reference when later evaluating the neurological impact of an injury.

                                                         (Transcription Available Upon Request)

                                                         (Transcription Available Upon Request)

How is it done?

Baseline testing uses computerized programs to measure one’s ability to recognize, remember and react to words and pictures. The results provide a fingerprint of sorts to illustrate how the brain functions in a non-concussed state.

Since concussion also can impact balance and vision, Banner Concussion Center is one of the few facilities in the country to offer comprehensive balance and visual integration testing to ensure a more complete and objective analysis of one’s overall brain function.

This information, or a person's BrainStamp, could then be used to compare performance of the same activities, should he or she ever sustain a concussion. It is important to note that this testing is not intended to be a diagnostic tool.

  • Balance baseline testing is performed on Bertec® equipment, using force plate technology to determine balance function under a number of conditions.
  • Neurocognitive testing is done using the ImPACT© (Immediate Post concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing) tool. ImPACT© is the standard of care for the NFL, NHL, MLB and most NCAA Institutions. The testing evaluates the following neurocognitive functions:
    • brain processing speed
    • memory
    • reaction time 
    • visual motor skills
  • Visual performance baseline testing uses computer and fine motor skill assessments that measure the speed and accuracy of vision and the brain’s ability to integrate visual information.

How do I access the Baseline test results?

BrainStamp results are kept at the Banner Concussion Center and can be accessed as needed.

How frequently do I need to do Baseline concussion testing?

It is recommended to have anyone 15 and under tested each year. Anyone at the high school level should get tested every other year. Call (602) 839-7285 for more information about whether and how often to get tested.  

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