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The Banner – University Medical Center Sports Medicine Clinic is located at the Banner Concussion Center building at 1320 N. 10th St., Suite B, Phoenix, Ariz. State-of-the-art medical care is provided by Dr. Steven M. Erickson, a board-certified physician in internal medicine and sports medicine.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality of sports medicine care to active adults that are injured during participation in any recreational or athletic activity.

What we offer

Our specialists provide musculoskeletal care for a wide variety of sports medicine and orthopedic conditions, including but not limited to, acute and chronic sports related injuries, overuse injuries, stress fractures, traumatic fractures, osteoarthritis, pre-participation physical exams, and the management of medical sports medicine conditions (asthma, anemia, cardiac disease, and osteoporosis).

The clinic specializes in the diagnosis, management and treatment of injuries sustained by competitive athletes and recreational athletes.

Dedicated specialists

Dr. Erickson comes to the Banner Medical Group with over fifteen years of experience providing comprehensive care for recreational, high school, college and professional athletes and also serves as the medical director of the Banner Concussion Center. He served as the Head Team Physician at Arizona State University for the last decade and was also the program director of the ASU Sports Medicine Fellowship.

He continues to serve as the medical consultant for the Major League Baseball Umpire Department and serves on the MLB Medical Advisory Committee as well as the MLB Concussion Advisory Committee. Dr. Erickson is a member of the Arizona Interscholastic Association (AIA) Medical Advisory Committee, which provides medical expertise to the governing board for all high school athletics in Arizona.

Contact us
1320 North 10th Street, Suite B, Phoenix, AZ 85006
For appointments call: (602) 839-7285
Fax Number: (602) 839-7272

Banner Concussion Center
1320 N. 10th Street, Suite B
Phoenix, AZ 85006
(602) 839-7285
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