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At Banner Occupational Health Services, we provide many rehabilitation services for employers and injured workers.

  • Larimer County:
    McKee Medical Center
    (970) 820-4580
  • Weld County:
    North Colorado Medical Center
    (970) 810-6810

On-site TherapyEarly identification and intervention has been shown to greatly reduce any lost work time. Employers can have a certified occupational and physical therapist be on-site for identification of safety issues and areas of possible injury. This can be a great convenience for both employer and employee and serve to create the most ergonomically sound and safe work environment.

Functional Capacity Evaluations—An FCE is done at the employee's job site and answers a variety of questions for the employer and occupational health physician:
  • What are the injured person's physical capacities and what are their limitations?
  • What is their tolerance for performing physical activities such as lifting, carrying, pushing and pulling?
  • Can an injured employee return to work in his/her previous and usual position?
  • Does the injured employee need a modified or transitional duty position?
  • What are appropriate restrictions for the employee returning to work?

Ergonomic ProgramsThis is the science of making the workplace safer, more productive and more comfortable for the worker. Ergonomics does this by designing jobs so the physical demands of the job do not exceed the capacities of the workers performing the job.

Jobsite Analysis —This is a detailed assessment of all of the physical demands of a job including the strength or lifting requirements, endurance requirements and required flexibility, agility and postural tolerances. The focus of a job analysis is on all essential job functions and accurately documenting these functions for the employer.

Site Walk-Through—This is done to help an employer identify areas in their company that would benefit from various rehab services programs:

  • Educational programs to decrease the risk of injury
  • Group and individual assistance in properly setting up computer work stations
  • Ergonomic modifications to decrease the risk of injury in assembly lines
  • On-site early assessment and treatment of employee reported physical symptoms to help decrease the need for a worker's compensation claim.

Return to Work Evaluation—This is completed with an employee who has sustained an on-the-job injury or an off site injury. This evaluates at what capacity the injured person may return to work.

Banner Occupational Health Clinics

Larimer County - McKee Medical Center
1703 E. 18th St., Suite #4
Loveland, CO 80538
(970) 278-4580

Weld County - North Colorado Medical Center
1517 16th Ave. Ct.
Greeley, CO 80631
(970) 350-6810
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