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Dependent Eligibility

Dependent Eligibility  

Many of the benefit plans allow you to add eligible family members to the same plan in which you are enrolled. Follow the links to learn more about Dependent Eligibility.

Who is Considered a Dependent

Depending on the plan, eligible family members may include:

  • Your spouse
  • Your same-sex spouse if your marriage took place in a state that recognizes such marriages
  • Your common-law spouse if you live in a state that recognizes such marriages.
  • Your same sex or opposite sex domestic partner and eligible dependent children (enrollment is limited to medical, dental, vision, life insurance and legal plans)
  • Your children, stepchildren, adopted children or those for whom you have legal guardianship up to age 26
  • Your children who are at least age 26 and are incapable of self-support because of a mental or physical disability.

Verification of your dependents' eligibility is required; see Dependent Verification below.

NOTE:  You must immediately notify the Service Center at Banner Plan Administration when your dependents no longer met the eligibility requirements.

Dependent Verification

When you add your dependents to your coverage in the enrollment system, you will be required to verify that they meet the eligibility criteria. The types of documents you must provide are listed on the Dependent Eligibility Matrix.

In addition, in order for Banner Health to comply with the Medicare as Secondary Payer Act, you must provide a valid Social Security number for each dependent, or indicate that the individual does not have a Social Security number.

If you are adding a newborn to your plan(s), you will have 45 days from the date of your child’s birth to provide this information. If we do not receive this information, your child’s enrollment will be terminated at the end of the month in which he/she reaches the 45 day time frame. 

If you are covered by a Banner medical plan, your newborn child is automatically covered by the plan for 31 days. During that 31 day period you must contact the Service Center at Banner Plan Administration at (480) 684-7070 in the Phoenix area or (800) 827-2464 in all other areas to enroll your child in order for coverage to continue. You will have up to two weeks after the end of the 31 day enrollment period to provide the necessary verification documents. You may provide the Social Security number online by accessing the enrollment system, or you may call the Service Center at Banner Plan Administration at (480) 684-7070 in the Phoenix area or (800) 827-2464 in all other areas.

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