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The information on this website is specific to Banner Health’s 2015 benefit plans.

Beginning October 2015, information about Banner’s 2016 benefit plans will be available by logging in to the MyHR website through Employee Manager Self Service (EMSS).

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Below are the instructions to enroll for your medical, dental, vision, Flexible Spending Accounts, Health Savings Account, life/AD&D insurance and the legal plan online or by phone: 

Step 1: Read your Benefits Enrollment Packet for an overview of Banner Benefits.

Step 2: Decide whom you want to cover.  You can choose from these coverage levels for yourself and your eligible dependents:

  • Yourself only
  • You and your spouse or domestic partner
  • You and your child(ren)
  • You and your family

Step 3: Choose the benefits you want and assess your costs. You may view the premiums and confirmation statement once you are logged into the system.

Step 4: Enroll for your benefits. 

Step 5: Dependent Verification - If you are adding any new dependents, you will be required to submit verification of their eligibility before they will be added to the plan(s). Additional information will be included with your confirmation statement.

You will need to have the following information available to you when you enroll online or by phone.  

  • Your employee ID number
  • Your eligible dependents' full names, dates of birth and Social Security numbers
  • Your beneficiaries' full names, dates of birth, addresses and Social Security numbers
  • Your Primary Care Physicians' (PCPs) names and ID numbers for yourself and your dependents, if you are enrolling in the Choice Plus medical plan. The required physician information may be obtained through the Provider Search

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 Enroll Online or By Phone

You can enroll in one of two ways:Enroll Now

  • Online
    • Log in to the online enrollment system.
    • Select the "Enroll" button
    • Enter your Employee ID number
    • Enter your eight digit password, which is your date of birth. For example, if you were born July 17, 1958, your password would be 07171958.
      • You will need to follow the instructions and create your own unique password once you have logged into the enrollment system.
    • Follow the prompts to enroll
      • If you are adding new dependents to the plans, you must supply their Social Security numbers during the enrollment process, if they have one.

  • By Phone
    • Call the Service Center at Banner Plan Administration and a Service Representative will assist you with enrolling for coverage: (480) 684-7070 in the Phoenix area or (800) 827-2464 in all other areas.
    • If you are adding new dependents to the plans, you must supply their Social Security numbers during the enrollment process, if they have one.

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Tax Implications of Enrolling a Domestic Partner

Post-Tax Only

Due to IRS regulations, we are required to process domestic partner’s premiums on a post-tax basis and imputed income will only be calculated on the portion of the premium related to the domestic partner.

Imputed (Taxable) Income
The current federal tax code also requires Banner Health to report the value of benefits (the amount that Banner is contributing) provided to a domestic partner as imputed income (meaning added as income to your earned wages) on your paycheck and W-2 forms, and applicable taxes must be paid on those dollars.

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Enroll a Newly Adopted Child or Child for Whom You Have Legal Guardianship

You must contact the Service Center at Banner Plan Administration Center  within 31 days of adopting or gaining legal custody/guardianship in order to be able to enroll the child(ren) outside of the Annual Enrollment window. Otherwise, you may enroll your new dependents during Annual Enrollment.

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Enroll Your Children Who Are at Least Age 26 and Are
Incapable of Self-Support Because of a Mental or Physical Disability

You must request a dependent disability packet from the Service Center at Banner Plan Administration. After you receive the dependent disability packet, please have your child’s physician complete the packet and fax it to the Service Center at Banner Plan Administration.

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Still Have Questions?
If you still have questions, please contact the Service Center at Banner Plan Administration at:

  • (480) 684-7070 in the Phoenix area
  • (800) 827-2464 in all other areas, or
  • Email

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These pages are highlights of the benefit plans. In the event of a difference between these pages and the legal documents/contracts, the legal documents/contracts will rule. Banner Health reserves the right to change, amend or discontinue all or part of these plans at any time for any reason. View Plan Documents
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