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Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance

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The employee group Life and AD&D insurance benefits are designed to give eligible employees a helpful starting point in building a well-rounded program of family protection.  Banner Health provides a base coverage for eligible employees and provides options for you to increase your base coverage and add coverage for dependents.
The group life insurance plan provides cash benefits for you and your eligible dependents in the event of death. The AD&D benefits are paid for death, loss of a limb, coma, or paralysis due to an accident and are in addition to any basic and optional life insurance benefits that become payable.

 Employee Coverage

  • Banner automatically provides eligible employees with life insurance coverage equal to 1x your annual salary.
  • You may enroll for additional coverage.
  • Banner guarantees coverage when you are first eligible to enroll, regardless of your health status.
  • Age reductions in employee coverage apply beginning at age 65.

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Dependent Coverage

  • You may choose to purchase coverage for your eligible dependents. 
  • Spouse coverage cannot exceed 50 percent of your coverage, and children's coverage cannot exceed 25 percent of your coverage. 
  • If you and your spouse or domestic partner are both employed by Banner Health, you may not cover each other on life insurance. Dependent children may only be covered by one parent.
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 Naming or Changing a Beneficiary

You can name any beneficiary to receive your benefit in the event of your death.  The entire benefit payment will be paid in the order listed below unless you designate a different beneficiary.

  • Your spouse 
  • Your children including legally adopted children 
  • Your parents 
  • Your brothers and sisters 
  • Your estate 

You may name or change your beneficiary at any time in the electronic enrollment system or by calling the Service Center at Banner Plan Administration at (480) 684-7070 in the Phoenix metropolitan area or (800) 827-2464 in all other areas.

You are automatically the beneficiary for optional coverage for your spouse or child(ren).

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Increasing Coverage

During Annual Enrollment, you may increase one level of coverage and/or designate a different beneficiary and amounts of your benefit that you want your beneficiaries to receive.  You will receive a confirmation statement of your beneficiary elections. 

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Filing a Life Insurance Claim

If you have experienced the death of someone covered under the Banner life insurance plans, please call (970) 350-6295 or email to file a claim.

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Informational Brochures 

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Summary Plan Description

Detailed information on this benefit such as eligibility, plan coverage, limitations and contact information can be found in the Summary Plan Description (SPD).

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